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Featuring Bass player, song writer, and video star Tish Ciravolo. Her husband Michael Ciravolo is a guitarist, song writer, producer and also runs Schecter guitars. 

This is not the first record release from the amazing duo, the Ciravolos! They have put together a really great talented band of musicians who spanning over decades are progressing ahead with incredible new songs.

These are bold statements they make on each song on these albums… talking with the pair is always a pleasure for me to recollect our journey through time, I go back as far as the 80’s I’ve been listening to Rock and Metal music, rocking out and watching awesome music videos that will never leave my brain because they’ve always been cool. So, I was raised on cool bands and cool videos, and it turns out that I was chatting with these contemporary rockstars.

I told the Ciravolos that this exhibit A, “Behind the Veil” CD and vinyls are the kind of evidence that I wanted to show off. They are top selling industry leaders and Michael Rozon has clearly led them to bring voice to established Rock talents who have been working artists for decades…this demonstrates a lot of heart and soul, for the love of real Rock and Metal music. Times past we’ve spent listening and enjoying the art of Rock, even dancing to it, since the 80’s and music that just keeps evolving…it’s a choice of what elements have been put together on these tracks… it’s like beautiful chaos out of our minds, changing in our imagination into what may come with future sounds.

One of the videos that showcases Tish’s talent as a vocalist is “20th Century Boy”, the Al Jourgensen video which is a super cool version of this song, such well- coordinated vocals. This new song just shows off that talent in the visuals which seem to have created a true fantasy.

AFTERLIFE video: Beautiful

About this song, it was interesting to find out about how it was written. Tish had a near death experience when she was only 18  yrs. old. So she decided to convey to us through the lyrics, which are poem like what it means to her to know that there are angel guardians waiting for us on the other side whom we will see when we cross over. She is a Christian and this theme is clear in the first  verses.

Here is the first stanza of her song, “Afterlife”:

“When did I miss it

When did I go

When will I feel Him

When I am cold”

The song continues…

“When life is leaving

And my hearts too slow

When I start soaring

Where will I go”

Delighted with the result of a team of great producers, this video is genuinely enjoyable to see and provides the sentiment of comfort that Tish desired to share through the words and images. Very beautiful work by their team of people.