DEMOS at the NAMM Show

BLACKSTAR Amplifiers star, guitarist Jared James Nichols… check out: Jared James Nichols

This “Haunted Mansion” guitar is super unique and a really fun-tastic work of art to have, there are a limited number of these and many proceeds went to charity for children. We are very happy to see that Disney gave full approval to this as well. Totally cool new instrument with blacklight paint effects! The website is:, do inquire there.

Think about a cool Mini Amp for your guitar, with an APP that will quench your thirsty desire for jamming along to music backing tracks or written with chords that you can read as you play. This is tops, funtastic! It is also totally portable and can run on batteries lasting about 5 hrs. Liquid Death Water is having a giveaway, for your chance at the special edition Liquid Death Mini Spark Amps and 6 cases of amazing musically satisfying Liquid Death water, just enter the contest online before June 24th,2022. Go to their website here: #1 Practice Amp | Spark Smart Guitar Amp By Positive Grid

This Jack Trip software platform can be put to use by musicians for live streaming their music production from remote locations… get together through the use of this web-based studio and work together on engineering with Soundscapes DSP engine for your production, or your ultra-synchronized livestream performances as soon as now! Lossless High-fidelity audio… Just go to Jack Trip Labs, Jack Trip Virtual Studios at:  JackTrip Virtual Studio …