Harley Wallen’s “Betrayed” movie premiered at TCL Theatres in Hollywood 9/26/18!

The new movie “Betrayed” is the latest Action packed thriller by Harley Wallen and his production company Painted Creek Productions. A complete success, it is yet another worthy showcase of talent which is too much to contain in one feature length movie. “Wow!”

What is most impressive about the filmmaker Harley Wallen is his ability to reach an audience with a story that’s interesting. His writing is compelling, and as a director his abilities are matching with dynamic imagery that leaves the viewers riveted in attention. This reflects the excellent character portrayals and great acting.

I most enjoy the fact that the producers are a husband and wife duo and they also appear together on screen acting opposite each other. The pool of talent they use in their productions does seem to be fostering new comers, and that adds to the appeal.

Premier night, of Harley Wallen’s feature movie “Betrayed”!

“Betrayed” star Richard Tyson

“Betrayed” star Calhoun Koenig

Actress Vida Ghaffari, Actor Mel Novak, “Betrayed” stars Actress Kaiti Wallen, Actor/ Director Harley Wallen also the Wallen’s of Painted Creek Productions

Harley Wallen and Kaiti Wallen

Jimmy Star of the jimmy Star Show

Jimmy Star and Ron Russell, famous talk show hosts