Hek82 author news, “Hek’s World” is now published for digi readers!!

“Hek’s World” is the story of a spirit medium on a quest which is an adventure into the afterlife and back. Survival, when faced with ghost possession is nearly impossible for her. She will triumph and become stronger than ever as she makes many discoveries about the world of spirits on the other side, angel interventions and spiritual healing. Humorous and fun to read, this is the true tale of her possession by ghosts and how she adapted to be able to live with the spirits in universal mind. She shares true stories of her visions and about the many people she’s encountered back in time throughout the centuries. This novel is important to read so that people have knowledge which is uncommon and encompasses belief in God. There are many benefits to healing the physical body and also the mind, with this knowledge of the afterworld and the exact way that spirits are constantly in communication with us.

“Fascinating and a must read!” – Kate Schank

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