Hollywood Palladium concert review, Hatebreed, Black Label Society, and Anthrax on July 29, 2022

Hollywood Palladium concert on July 29, 2022

Review by Hek82 Photos

Hatebreed/ Black Label Society/ and Anthrax

Jamey Jasta, vocalist of Hatebreed described the Hollywood Palladium as one of the best venues to be at in LA, and his loud welcome gave us a feeling that we were at home in a cool place to hang out. Being a leader of the new Heavy Metal millennium, he also vocalized appreciating people who weren’t alive yet in the  1990’s, before declaring that this younger generation had many great works to do yet like performing music, so they should really go for it. The moshing did start then but was saving itself more for later because everybody still felt friendly. I always feel so much that Jamey is my own homeboy that I thought at first that he’d satisfy my desire for Bon Scott in jogging shorts, and I wasn’t at all disappointed with what he had to offer, it was dynamite driven by Hell- fire and a sheer force of rage. The music has a lot to offer us, satisfying our lust for an escape, even for a night from our complacent lifestyles.  Currently, with their latest album “Weight of the False Self” which is on Tour this year, it is a really powerful performance by all members of the band and you will enjoy it.

Jamey Jasta – Vocals

Frank Novinec – Guitar

Chris Beattie – Bass

Wayne Lozinak – Guitar

Matt Byrne – Drums


Zakk Wylde is of course very brilliant as a guitarist, and as soon as the BLS banner lit up, I quickly understood that he had planned this tour with industrial strength perspicacity resulting in the unshakeable promise of a great night of music each and every night.  The opening band Hatebreed had been raging with the desirable force of the shared fury, backing the BLS concert and the entire night.  Following up BLS was Anthrax to come, the amazingly popular Metal forerunners who we salivate for, were going to put on a killer stage thrilling us nearly to death.  No matter how many often we’ve seen Zakk and his band, every time he robs our graves of our very selves. So, that after our death- wish has been satisfied, we will want more BLS. A genuine talent, his many followers have always liked his songs and we heard all our favorites that night, which he created and which we want more of. In his own true style and real glory of his fashion, has proven sturdy tradesmanship in mastery of guitar-works.

The crowd awaits the moment when Zakk starts to shred … and we all wish it was unstoppable, we just hope the song won’t end! Great interpretations of musical style and performances by JD DeServio and Dario Lorino who play like the best experts in Zakk-ology along with fabulous drummer Jeff Fabb. A great concert so don’t miss this tour!

What is always fun about Zakk’s stage show, is that we get to see him play more than several of his guitars and have a first-hand experience of how they sound and look. The guitars he showcases are stupendous to look at and we are just dazzled by his performance and shredding. We too might dream of playing one of these and just might have a chance to own one if we go online at the Wylde guitars website. 

Zakk Wylde – Vocals, Guitar

John “JD” DeServio- Bass Guitar

Dario Lorina- Guitar

Jeff Fabb- Drums

www.schecterguitars.com,  www.wyldeaudio.com, www.blacklabelsociety.com

BLs was sure to pay homage to the two brothers Dimebag Darrell, and Vinnie Paul Abbott, may they RIP they are not forgotten for their great contribution to music and the world.  Two of the greatest players of Metal of all time, who provide so much inspiration for people in music all over the world forever!

Let’s anticipate a Pantera reunion soon including both Zakk Wylde and Charlie Benante as well as Rex Brown and vocalist Phil Anselm!

Anthrax , is still on the band’s special 40th anniversary tour and was introduced by a video compiled of chats with many well-known musicians about their appreciation of the band and it’s members. The to-die-for Anthrax stage performance was blazing with astounding lights, lazers and sparks. Musicians comparable to them are rarely seen,  they are very strong performers and their antics were fun to see and hear. Not to mention that it’s incredible to hear Joey Belladonna and see him, and the band is so good with so much experience behind them. Frank Bello is at his best, a real show off player who still likes to run up onto the riser behind the drums. Scott Ian still plays like a charging race horse. John Donais a heavyweight behind the songs. And Benante is skilled with his flare and musical abilities as a soloist, a privilege to enjoy. Anthrax will never die. What happened in the crowd you might not guess, body surfacing! I haven’t seen it in a while, not of the past but of the present, it was a mosh pit full of excited heavyweight fans, circle slamming each other. There were of course, cell phones in hand not just here and there but everywhere. It was definitely an epic night making history in the story of Anthrax and in music for Heavy Metal that will last forever. 

Joey Belladonna- Vocals

Frank Bello- Bass Guitar

Charlie Benante- Drums

John Donais- Guitars

Scott Ian- Guitars



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