NAMM 2022 TEC Awards Ceremony

The video below highlights about 30 min of my personal favorite moments of the ceremony. I wanted to attend to see the honored Peter Asher inducted into the TEC Hall of Fame. His great body of work has included not only the famous singer song writer duo “Peter and Gorden”, but work as a producer and manager who was very close to the Beatles. Part of the night was a special documentary dedicated to his life which included members of The Beatles. When he was A&R for Apple Records, he discovered talented artists like James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt. He also recollected great moments like hearing Diana Ross sing in person, then introduced us to The Bangles singer Suzanna Hoffs who appeared on stage to talk about how much she admired his works. Then we were joined by Sylvia Massey and OP who remained on stage the rest of the night to present all of the amazing TEC awards. See the list of winners here: 2022 TEC Awards Winners | TEC Awards

The honor was all mine, I was very happy to be a part of the welcome reception, the red carpet rolling out for the legend Peter Asher, the honored winner at the Hall of Fame reception at the NAMM 2022 convention TEC awards ceremony, taking place in Anaheim, Ca. and it has for many years.  This time it was hosted by the comic Fred Armisen, who was a perfectly fun and an exciting part of the night. Mr. Peter Asher was genuinely happy to receive the award, and also played us the song “A World Without Love” for the audience on his guitar. There was a brief documentary of his lifetime and career which was very extraordinary, including his work with Apple records. He also paid homage to great sound engineers, inventors like Les Paul with the innovation award, and many other producers and instrumentalists.

People wined and dined and enjoyed the spectacle and the live band performing through the night. Each and every TEC award recipient was announced, and each person received their award on the stage. The speeches were excellent. Some of the special guests included the lead singer of The Bangles band, Suzanna Hoss and others. She described her appreciation for Peter’s works which throughout her life had a wonderful impact. Well-known producer Sylvia Massey, and OP! also appeared to present all of the amazing winners their TEC awards. Mr. Asher’s repertoire includes not only 13 Grammy’s but many various honors. As recently as 2017, we have been able to enjoy the Beatles radio program which airs weekly on Sirius XM, it is called “From Me to You”. This was certainly a once in a lifetime achievement which will complement the history of NAMM.


Photos and article by Hek82 Photos (Kate Schank)