NAMM show 2017 Anaheim music Convention

KTSTfm Anaheim is host to Hek82 radio weekly for wireless devices on Tune In. Exciting news and interviews with musicians and music professionals in the industry today. Tons of rock -n-roll and heavy metal music, plays of Friday’s at 2pm PT and Saturday’s at 7:30 pm PT. Hek82 is on the cutting edge of what’s keeping rockstars cool… check it out:

Musicians abound, check out this link to see performances by artists at ESP, Gibson, Seymore Duncan, Godin… and more inc. piano…, Click here.

NAMM is a great music convention for persons like myself, with a lot of enthusiasm for music professionals and the biz. The year 2017 has showcased so many new innovations and technological advancements that it is astounding. New and exciting models of the most wonderful instruments and gear, especially amplifiers

Randy Rhoads model Jackson guitars, look no further if you like Rhoads.

BLS Dario Lorina

Seymore Duncan pedals, look here for video intro to these pedals: Watch here!

Andromeda dynamic delay gives a warm digital delay which you can play like a musical instrument. Many settings to alter including Mix, Modulation, and Saturation. 128 presets, Midi in and through…

More videos look here: Sawbladehead Designs drum kit