NAMM2018 Exciting new products for musicians!

Great  pictures from Jan. 24-28 which was the NAMM convention. New technology, products, instruments, informative resources were in abundance and persons from every corner of the music industry were in attendance!

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Fun was to be had inside and at the stages that were being played on the outside grounds and food wagons. There were lectures on the latest business trends and things that any musician might need to know. Representatives from all aspects of music production were present, so anyone who intended to network had every good opportunity. The best instruments were exhibited, of every kind. This included sound makers you might never even have imagined, not to mention the most bedazzling sort of collectors items that could actually be played; even violins that were mostly invisible. Amplifiers, microphones, drum kits and electronic drum sets, horns and saxophones, and of course guitars both acoustic and electric, and so on. There were showcases of musicians and award ceremonies too. Many people stood in lines and eventually got to the meet-n-greet with their favorite famous players. It is definitely well worth the experience if you’ve never been there and want to work in music give the convention a lot of consideration. See you next time!

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All photos by Hek82 Photography