OC Rockstar Beer and Music Fest 2017 was a great success!

Outstanding beer tastes from all over the OC/ LA county area! Great music by Prizmatic the Katy Perry cover band, and Raise Your Glass the Pink cover band. It was a long night with a whole lotta excitement, tons of samples from different breweries and cool people who love to have a fantastic time together on their night out! I can’t wait to do this again, next time it’ll be the lobster first, and the cigar when the night’s over. Definitely worth the cost of the ticket, there was even merchandise to shop for.

Excellent local breweries, favorites of mine included:

Common Cider, was a really nice treat especially if you have a Blood-Orange lust.

Bronco Brew Meade, which was delicious and crisp-not overly sweet but just perfect and bursting with fruit flavor.

Reelz was a cool and refreshing brew that was very flavorful. I tried the sweeter Gingerbread mix and the Grapefruit kind; both tantalizing.

Alaskan brewery was awesome,a the Heritage Coffee brown ale was smooth, full-bodied and light tasting.

Angel City made us happy with a sample of IPA too.

Network brewery’s Gambler hit the spot, luck was in the mix.

Link to list of festival beers here: Click