Renaissance Festival in Corona, Ca 2017

Awesome fun at Renaissance Festival Koronenberg from May 27- June 25th, 2017!

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This was my first time at a Renaissance Festival, and I swear this is the best one anywhere because it was tons of fun! I couldn’t believe this spectacular month long event with lots of shows and musical performances throughout the day. Wow, what a lot of happy and excited people all dressed up in costumes. You really get the feeling of being back in time in the days of old. There were shops of many sorts of artisan goods for sale and very interesting displays of weapons to look at, like swords, knives, and so on … There were activities like axe throwing and an archery range to try your skills at- and more. A giant swing and a merry-go-round, wandering minstrels, and parades. The horses and competitive sports games were enjoyable to watch, I especially liked the jousting. The knights in shining armor were so handsome and the horses were strong and gentle. Everybody there was so friendly, and the food and drink was great. I would recommend this festival as a very good way to entertain youngsters.

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