Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 4.07.24 PMRandy Rhoads Remembered feat. Jeff Watson, Bumblefoot, and Mike Orlando

Shipmates, ahoy! It’s time to shove off matey! Bumblefoot was aboard the Victory cruise ship, our BF with his adorable wife, Jenny. The myth continues, onward and upward! Stay the course.

Ron and his double-neck Vigier flashing it’s tantalizing citrus color, he was as winsome and beguiling as ever and I couldn’t stand the wait for the performance.

I was stretched out on a lounge chair breathing in the night air and the stars. My reverie of the G-n-R legend was transporting me back in time to 1982, the year that Randy Rhoads died in a plane crash. Great inspirations to guitar players, musicians, and music lovers, Ron was now part of the Randy Rhoads Remembered tribute performance.

Guns-n-Roses was like a passing ship that sailed in the distance, it didn’t cross my mind until the vessel had drifted well into the twilight. There was no performance of G-n-R classics although there were players onboard. Ron Thal had greatly contributed to the historical line up with the 8 years of fantastic live performances and the brilliant compositions in the songs on the Chinese Democracy record, my personal favorites.

Bumblefoot the solo artist wasn’t on a toodle but was voyaging in honor of Rhoads. He was convivial while networking with all of the fans, hail-fellow-well-met bands, and famous players who were along. His outstanding participation in the RRR group was an amazing feat as the two shows lasted into the early morning hours.

The solo album he just released is called “Little Brother is Watching”. Nerds wouldn’t want to listen to it, or watch the awesome music video of the song “Don’t Know Who to Pray top Anymore”; which is so incredible it will make the ends of your hair stand up.

His brave new band Art of Anarchy was a musical undertaking which was worth more than words can say, in spite of the fact that we have experienced the loss of the singer on the first album Scott Weiland; who unfortunately departed due to substance abuse. The band carries on with the Votta brothers and John Moyer, the new singer will be announced soon.

Assiduous at his task, we got the chance to experience first hand what Ron formulates in his brain when he plays guitar at his morning workshop on deck. He explained to us the fretboard as he sees it, an organized system of measured musical vibrations. His great voice he  exercises along the so- la- ti- do. Close up, I watched him play some of his originals like the song “Guitars Suck!”. I couldn’t believe it, how fun it was and what a nice opportunity. I always knew Ron as prolific. Diligence being one of the heavenly virtues.

Far away visions and distant lands aren’t unreachable, before your very eyes and ears there has appeared Bumblefoot! Global appreciation and world consciousness are a big part of what makes him famous. He has traversed the planet with his guitar. He continues to make charitable contributions, especially by teaching children and giving to their aid.  Thankfully, we are able to follow him online.

Metal Allegiance is another super group that Ron is a part of. You can look forward to hearing this band in 2016, if you haven’t already caught a show, Bumblefoot will be performing with the group in places in the US and the UK. The album is for sale on iTunes.

‘Til next time!

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Photos and article by Hek82

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