2019 Koroneburg Renaissance Faire, Hek82 Photos

Renaissance fun at Koroneberg 2019! I can’t believe the incredible people’s costumes, horses and jousting competitions of knights shining in their armor, food and games, archery and axe throwing, a giant swing, marketing and exhibits, pubs and ale, stage performances, terrific music and gay merriments all across the show! The Totendanse or Danse Macabre parade is so outstanding that you’ll be back to see it again, that’s a guarantee. Jugglers, fire eating, aerial acrobatics, hawks, comedy and story-telling by pirates and mermaids. Topping it all are the realtime battles re-enactments with rifle and canon fire. Many displays of armory and actual period clothes and jewels galore! Demos of tradesman and scenic buildings. Just a great time at this fantastic fun-filled Faire!