Hek82 goes to Ozzfest 2016, in San Bernadino at San Manuel Amphitheatre!

One thing I didn’t know about the way to Oz, was that there was no short way to go.       I didn’t leave late and my determination to see Black Sabbath that night was my driving force. Ozzy is metal’s Godfather with Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler now Clufetos on drums and Wakeman on keys. I wanted to be there all day long to listen to the bands opening. Not to mention that the next day was another incredible line up. Who knew that I was heading into not only one of the greatest experiences in concert attendance in So Cal, but also into 3 hrs of traffic there! Needless to say, that by the time I arrived all of us were in it together. The epic weekend began later than I thought, but the bands were playing on schedule at Ozzfest/ Knotfest. Nothing was going to stop me, as we waited for hours in our cars both before and after the shows, and then trekked our way to the entrance of San Manuel. Once inside, the crowd of nearly 65,000 people (I think thats the right count) was nice enough. So, it was worth the wait! I was able to see the awesome Megadeth, Disturbed, and Black Sabbath shows! Ozzy you did a phenomenal job and the band was as great as ever for The End tour 2016.