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Act of Defiance

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“New Scars old Wounds”

Broderick and Drover have done it again, they have  produced the second “Act of Defiance” record “New Scars old Wounds”, which is not only cool Metal music but a good follow up to the band’s first CD album. There would be no need to think twice about wanting to hear this record and you’ll find that this is the greatest Metal band you’ve heard in a long while so just think again of the terrific collaboration that is put forth by band members, it is comprised of singer Henry Derek, former Scar the Martyr; and Matt Bachand former Shadows Fall bassist, Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover, both former Megadeth players each player having enough experience under their belts to brag about. Those of you who have always been fans, it a lot of excitement to hear the new music they’ve arranged together after their defiant departure from Megadeth, and it is a phenomenal work; a true showcase of their masterful use of the “artistic license” and their playing abilities as partners. Many years of  playing skills and expertise, experience it has brought them to a true partnership displayed in these captivating songs. Upon one solid foundation, this music is built to last with well-composed bass and enough hammering percussion to keep it in place, cemented with incredible shredding which keeps the vocals at a non-wavering level of shout. Each song is highly likeable and not-to-be forgotten. The lyrics are melodic, appealing enough for anyone to buy the record and keep it for listening to time and again. Excellent playing and musical songs make it appealing and enjoyable with the hardcore Metal sound that listeners want. Guaranteed to be popular songs, like “Talisman” which is really a great musicality so watch the latest music videos online too and enjoy! You will feel that with great anticipation that it is exciting to hear their newly invented sound and believe me it is well worth the wait to hear it because it is very good. So order your copy now, click here! Band Members: Matt Bachand, Shawn Drover, Chris Broderick, Henry Derek GWAR Album: “The Blood of Gods” Release date 10-20-17 The Beserker Blóthar: Lead Howler
Beefcake the Mighty: Bass Guitar, Vocals
Pustulus Maximus: Lead Guitar, Vocals
BälSäc the Jaws ‘o Death: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
JiZMak da Gusha: Drums
Bonesnapper: Bodyguard, Crappy Vocals
Sawborg Destructo: Annoying Nemesis, Annoying Vocals

Yet again, Gwar has taken it’s stride in another great album entitled “The Blood of the Gods”. Songs so full of fun, that the excitement is nearly unbearable. You will be as thrilled as if you are on a high-speed roller coaster at your favorite amusement park. The sound that these Metal these monsters have created is very pleasing to the ears. Tracks full of variety, that won’t come fall short of your expectations. The first song’s jilted rythms, “War on Gwar” leaves a person laughing and head- banging as does the rest of the album including the AC/DC cover. Killer riffs fill the soundscape as you imagine the monsters are your friends. All of us are fighting for the best experience in noise. The players have enough experience for a real talent show every time. Taking a trip into outerspace, we know that apes banging on rocks was not the first sound of rock music. Heavy Metal must’ve been made on another planet. Aliens never knew what it was, until GWAR came into the universe. Some people may think it’s annoying, or sounds like total crap, but others are really going to like it a lot. They might even head to concerts in droves, like a swarm of meatballs. It’s not too bad that the anti-concert enemies have been defeated once more. Putting out CD’s isn’t akin to bone-snapping like some may wish. This one is really good for listening to and Metal Blade has got your back of course.


“The Crowning of the Fire King”

To be released Oct. 20th, 2017

Anders Engberg – vocals Kristian Niemann – guitars Peter Hallgren – guitars Johnny Hagel – bass Richard Evensand – drums

These sorcerers are cool, they know how to play music just right. Don’t miss out on this band if you’ve never heard it before! The voice of Sorcerer who is Anders, gives the impression of a master wizard. Plenty of guitars resound in the magical dimension that they have created over the pounding drumline and deep bass. The lyrics are mythical, and the musicality is involving. Soaring guitars are screaming the songs and they are neck-on-neck with the best known metal musicians. More power to you fans of Doom Metal, this is a good one.


Black Dahlia Murder

“Nightbringers” Title

CD Album release Oct. 6th. 2017

Brian Eschbach − Guitar, Vocals
Trevor Strnad − Vocals
Max Lavelle − Bass Guitar
Alan Cassidy – Drums
Brandon Ellis – Lead Guitar

Excellent songs on this new record, which is their killer 8th. The band has steadily gained a lot of popularity since it’s inception, and their new tour will be anticipated with eager enthusiasm.

Strnad’s vocal performance is very ghoulish, the shouting is incredible. The drummer Cassidy keeps the blast-beat at a running pace which rivets the music together with great rythm.

Guitarists have masterfully produced these compositions full of enough shred to scare someone, while keeping them under the influence. Very nice noise, and you may feel almost intoxicated when you hear it.