Electric Junkies show off their talent w/ Jack Russell’s Great White, LA Guns and others!!

imageimageTotally thrilling night of bands in Santa Ana’s Yost Theatre last Sat. Night! Incredible line up of music played all night… The bands supporting headliners Jack Russell’s Great White were many inc. OR3, Angry Giants,  Stonebreed, Electric Junkies and LA Guns!! Favorites Electric Junkie’s showed off their stuff w/ charming songs, LA Guns put on a stellar performance of extraordinary caliber, and Jack Russell’s Great White was killer!! Russell didn’t want to end the night and neither did we, with a  surprising line up of songs inc. Zepplin classics, Hendrix, acoustic solos, and classical, topping off the night w/ Once Bitten Twice Shy… so it was phenomenal!




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