Scare LA ‘18 Photos/ Video and Review… Fantastic and fun!

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Podcast video, Scare LA Review

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Interview with Actor Miguel Sagaz, click here!

Scare LA 2018 was fantastic and fun! Roaming through a spooky and dark exhibition hall filled with scary costumed people and fun-going shoppers was an experience to remember. The band Rythm Coffin had everybody rockin’ at the entrance, and excitement was in the air; which was hazy with a peculiar fog that actually smelled good like tasty pumpkin spice vapor; thanks to Froggy’s Fog. Watch your step! Big ugly Krampus characters ran a-muck and sliders from the Decayed Brigade were at your feet all day long, as they slid towards you!

Many interesting panel speakers attended and according to schedule, the Scare-goers could sit or stand to listen and interact with questions, and then go to their meet and greet booths. Many had autographed photos for sale, and even DVDs or other information available. The Monster stage featured performance previews which rocked, like the Sweet and Sorrow Zombie ballet, and the Mitchell Sanitarium Rocky Horror Picture show.

Never fear, there was food available and it was very good. The boutique shopping was awesome, and along the way there were haunts and Virtual Reality experiences if you dared to venture into them. This included an awesome haunted house castle full of oogy walls.

Wild Bill’s Old Fashioned Soda Pop kept everybody cool, and it was affordable to have a re- fillable mug and ice rocks where people met at the soda fountain barrels.

Decayed Brigade is the name of the group of Sliders, the talented and furious hauntfest performers who always put a great show on. Visually, it’s amazing to see them slide across their pathway and do jumping and other stunts in the colored lights and fog. Skeleton or zombie-like they appear spooky as they perform their choreographed play to the rock music.

EI School of Professional Make Up never disappoints with their incredible demonstrations of their artistry. The models are exceptional, this year there were zombies that were torn apart and creatures that looked like outer- space sea monsters. Totally cool. Anybody interested in learning professional make up skills be sure to check out the school, especially for their Oct. 6, ’18 open house.

Rizo’s Scare House was just that scary, full of strobes and loud noises, it wasn’t very soothing to have a stroll into the dark maze. And there was a Ghost train that looked as eerie as the blacklit backgrounds that it wound through.

Pandemic Infected was one of the games that I found enjoyable, I couldn’t believe the experience of walking through a danger zone that was quarantined, with sick zombies chasing me and guards that were armed with machine guns! It was hazy and I was desperate to reach the finish not being infected with the fatal disease. It’s too bad I that I met my end and was shot down, even though I knew how to do the Salsa dance, oh well- better luck next time!

EI School of Professional Make Up

Eyeballs play zone

Local Boogeyman vendor booth

Comic books and more, Will Penny of

R.A. Milhailoff, Actor of “Leatherface” of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3”


Drew Rausch , Illustrator/ Comics

Cockroach Coffee enthusiast

This was another great year at Scare LA ’18!