Paul Stanley welcomes veterans home to Rock-n-Brews in Beuna Park!


Paul Stanley, owner and Gene Simmons both of the band KISS pose with friends of the new Rock-n-Brews location in Beuna Park, Ca.




Mayor Art Brown presents certificate to John Mesko, restaurant management.

Veterans post commander John Muller looks on … it’s a good day for VFW post 8954!

On Sep. 15th, 2015 Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons welcomed veterans to the new Rock-n-Brews location in Beuna Park. Post commander John Muller from VFW 8954 was there to host veterans from all around the area to a special luncheon, and to participate by accepting the KISS band members friendly welcome! The veterans were rewarded by a generous donation which was presented in the form of one of those coveted extra large bank checks, which we have all dreamed about! Mayor Art Brown also presented a certificate of recognition for the wonderful place, now part of the community and one of the best bar/ dining locales in town. John Mesko, restaurant manager; accepted many congratulations and compliments on the food served.

Paul Stanley has done a service to the community by bringing the veterans there and supporting them. Commander John explained that the post includes veterans of war from periods of time as far back as WW2, when it was founded by Walter D. Ehlers, the last surviving recipient of the Medal of Honor to participate in the D-Day invasion of Normandy during World War II. He died Feb. 20 at a veterans’ hospital in Long Beach, Calif. He was 92.

Now there are members from long ago and now. The VFW post has gladly assisted in their transitioning from places like Iraq and Afghanistan. Thanks to a generous donation from Paul and Gene, the veterans post will be able to continue to help people in need, and give back to the community.

Written by Kate TS

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