Robert Sarzo on Hurricane, and what’s new for the Halloween HelLA Horror night in LA!

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Hek82: Happy to have you Robert Sarzo, how are you doing?

Robert Sarzo: Fabulous. I’m doing really good.

Hek82: Awesome, I’ve seen some very exciting stuff online from you lately, one of our world favorite guitarists. You have a wonderful past full of experiences playing with some amazing people. This would also include your brother, Rudy Sarzo too. A career of more than 30 years or more almost 40, right? That’s how long the world has had music from the Sarzo brothers who have made a great contribution to the history of Rock/ and Metal guitars.

Robert Sarzo: Thank you, Kate it’s been a very powerful journey. Indeed, the beginning was leaving the Communist revolution.

Hek82: Of course, the Cuban influence on music is as interesting as that area of the globe, the Caribbean. Can you tell me something about how there’s a Vu Du influence to your playing? I sure would like to know. Especially now that it’s almost Halloween and people are thinking of things that are a little bit scary, what is the Vu Du influence?

Robert Sarzo: You know, I remember an event that somehow stuck in my head of my Mom, my Dad, and my brother … it must’ve been around the time of the Day of the Dead, which has to do with Halloween, and there were a lot of people in a place with black walls that I found really fascinating because there were skeletons everywhere … they had warned me coming in not to fall into this hole in the ground, so it was crazy stuff that for me was a lot of fun. What happened was that Cuba always had a big influence from African people because Columbus brought a lot of African people there with him, so that’s how we got the flavor of the Latin Jazz which is so cool, with all the poly-rythms; the African influence in Cuba. That wasn’t just music alone but it also brought their religion which was actual Cuban VuDu, Haitian vudu much the same. I believe that like all religions there are positive things that happen and other things which may not be so positive. I’ve studied Scientology and others … kind of have my own philosophy about the energies of the universe, I won’t get into it now; about how the whole universe structures itself with vibrations of musical tunings, 440 – 528 is more of a positive energy to say; 428. I do a lot of reading about science, energy, religion, all different things that I like to research. I don’t want to bore the audience but these are things to dig into. I believe in Saints, spirits, energy in general. Like Metal which has measurable vibrations. So, my studies and practice since I was young is what the VuDu inspiration or fascination is. I like to think I make good things happen by using the energy of the universe. My circle of people are all positive people with good energy, so we can do good in this world.

Hek82: Sure, I know what you’re thinking because I am of the same mind. Just to imagine the very big national impact that musicians have on the population. The emotional, spiritual influence on their very bodies and minds. Considering that Vudu is an actual practiced religion, watching Robert play guitar I am imaging the shaking of the chicken bones that are on his hat.

Robert Sarzo: You may find it interesting, but I don’t kill animals. I don’t even fish, I’m not into it- growing up in Miami, I just found it upsetting to even see a fish out the water. Struggling for it’s survival. Unless they’re being eaten right away. Rotting fish seem to imbalance the universe. Well, I was Vegan for about 5 years with my wife. Now I’m a fishkatarian, I do eat fish. I follow Veganism pretty closely, though. Nowadays, when I’m on tour and I send out my food preference which is Vegan, there a lot of places that do serve Vegan.

Hek82: Todays’ consciousness is like that, myself I’ll eat anything so- I don’t restrict my diet. Many people do, this includes those carefully minded individuals who play music which is incredibly fantastic and accurate.

Robert Sarzo: Music is a feeling, it makes people feel differently. It can make them feel good, or it can make them feel bad. As a musician, I really work hard to bring the good in people, into it. I want people to feel much better with my “service”. In the 80’s I think that’s what we were trying to establish, like other artists from that era. So, the people with the “Meet-n-greets” and before they might leave the bar or venue they tell me “you made me feel like I was young again!” I relate to them because I just share the feeling in the same way while on stage. It’s my comfort and I feel very happy about that. I love being on stage and performing and I while continue doing it, fight until the end! That’s my goal, that’s my plan. So- now, with Hurricane we’ve got Chad Cancino with us, he’s a fabulous vocalist and we still have Mike Hansen, who’s been in the band for 9 years already, Tony Cavazo who started out Hurricane when we were introduced way back in the day by Kevin DuBrow, so- we’re back in the studio working on a new single which will be coming out very soon …

Hek82: That’s exciting!

Robert Sarzo: Really, it is and what a nice bunch of guys to hang out with.

Hek82: That’s important.

Robert Sarzo: Me, Mike, and Tony we were already out with Queensryche when they did the tour with Hurricane, together with Geoff Tate who became “Operation Mindcrime”. So, we were out doing all the theatres and outdoor events, and had a good run for a whole month. Next year we’ll be back out supporting other groups. Next month is a big event we’ve got planned at the Los Angeles Theatre, historical built in 1931 and it’s downtown. I want to give the information, the event is also a benefit for Rock Against MS, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. People can buy tickets online, they can look it up under HelLA Horror Night. The whole thing is gonna be a haunted house, so it’s gonna be really fun! So, people can dress up and the whole theatre is the attraction. And if you order online use the discount code HALLOWEEN31, for the cheap tickets!

Hek82: I’ve never been at that venue before it sounds great. I see that they’re planning to show the HALLOWEEN movies, all night long with other bands like SCUMLOVE which is gonna be great … Are they showing the movies before the music or after the music?

Robert Sarzo: During! The place is so big that we can actually have the bands playing in the ballroom downstairs which is gorgeous! I was there already, I played there back in April or March of this year. It’s a cool theatre and in the surrounding area are nice shops to eat at too. The dance will be downstairs and there’ll also be like a horror pin up, so girls can dress up in their costumes and scary stuff. My wife Avery is going to be a judge for the best pin up. Stop by there and say “hi” to Avery! A fun event for a good cause. Love to see everyone come out to it.

Hek82: Are the HALLOWEEN movies some of your favorite movies?

Robert Sarzo: I did work on the musical scoring for The Collector, for Marcus Dunstan who was also the director and producer of SAW 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Not exactly a Halloween movie, but I’ve always been moved by A Clockwork Orange, I just love it. Hurricane is in Texas Chainsaw Massacre in the opening scene when the guy turns on the radio that’s one of our songs. Halloween is a fun holiday.

Hek82: Oh! Yes, one of my favorite things too is to celebrate Halloween, and I’ll be out and about that night. Another concert going on in my neighborhood too with Buckethead. Speaking of chicken bones …!

Robert Sarzo: Well, to make the point I don’t eat chicken. But I actually do have friends who are people who give me chicken bones they’ve saved. I put them on my VuDu man hats. I don’t do the chicken eating.

Hek82: So they are real chicken bones. And do you want to tell us about your awesome boutique that you have online? I’ve seen some of the really cool Robert Sarzo fan merch which are nice looking tee-shirts with pictures on them and such … I know that for a while, those hats of yours that are custom made were really selling …

Robert Sarzo: The hats are a kind of hobby that I do together with Avery, and the skulls are custom made by me, I mold them I had a sculpture artist make a copy from my original hat, they’re all signed by me personally inside. It’s my thing like some people paint, well- I create these hats. On my Facebook wall you’ll see that we’ve created these new tee-shirts with a photographer Heidi Horvath. She’s taken photos of me at live concerts and put them on shirts and handbags and different stuff, because I’ve had people ask me about why I don’t sell shirts of my own, and blah blah … So, we’re doing it!

Hek82: Well, I definitely recommend people to check out your cool SWAG. What else now- I gotta say that we’re big fans of your solo album, it’s really great! I just love After the Storm.

Robert Sarzo: After the Storm is something I wrote, it was a recording that I did 20 odd years ago and had in my vault. It was supposed to be after Hurricane on Capital or Enigma records, but Capital records closed down, the released was on 4818 records in 2013, it actually went to Bestseller on Amazon downloads, Rock and Espagnol. It’s in English and Spanish. I’m very proud of that record, I wrote it and produced it and had a great singer Rudy Rails, who co-wrote it with me so it was a good production, I had very talented musicians play on it with me. My bass player was Mike Wolf, Hoss Wright played drums. I like to create and write. I just finished working in the studio with the band Diane and The Deductibles and that’s another very talented group of people, so that album will probably be coming out next month. I was with Hank Lieberman, the producer- he’s produced Chicago and a bunch of other great bands too, he’s the producer on this album. But I’m really passionate about Hurricane and so I can’t wait to get up there and kick some ass with Hurricane, it’s so Metal!

Hek82: The band is real Metal! I caught my first show when you were supporting Operation Mindcrime, and it was so killer, really great. I’m so fortunate to talk to one of my favorite players. I’ve seen the band again in So Cal at a venue called Malone’s. Cool!

Robert Sarzo: The thing about Hurricane is that we go on Live without a Net. A lot of bands now are bringing with them like live tracks, guitars, keyboards. We don’t. Everything is live so it’s different every show you might hear that. I have a Midi guitar with synthesizers on it. We go full throttle, and we don’t hold back. Heavy Metal/ Punk. Like the 70’s, it’s not perfect so it’s about the energy and what you’re putting out.

Hek82: I think I’ve heard either you or brother Rudy talk about something called PMA, which is Positive Motivational Attitude, what is this exactly?

Robert Sarzo: Positive Mental Attitude.

Hek82: So, we’re gonna listen to the music and enjoy it and it works every time.

Robert Sarzo: What people think is what they put into it, is what they’re going to attract. Like when you meet someone and you say- “Hi, how are you?” and they say “great!~” you get a positive vibe, unlike if they would say- “eh, I don’t know, blah …” and that just brings everything like the tone way down. That’s like my presence that I like to keep “up”. Even when angry- then just show the passion of that. Be tough, and if someone is pulling you down don’t walk away from it, say- “hey, what are you doing?” People need to react.

Hek82: Okay, one thing people can do is listen to the music, and go to the show. We’ve got a good one coming up at the Los Angeles Theatre.

Robert Sarzo: October 31st, it’s Halloween Night – what better place to spend it than at a real haunted house. That place is haunted! I like to hunt for ghosts at places that I play at. I do that, and I feel the energy. So, I ask them to please grace my presence when I play there. I think it’s rude to not do that.

Hek82: No doubt there will be some ghosts in attendance.

Robert Sarzo: To me, ghosts are energy- a source of energy that’s all.

Hek82: We’re in “good spirits” and that’s not unlike PMA the positive mental attitude, why we try to pull good spirits around and keep them around.

Robert Sarzo: I didn’t invent that, it was in a book I think it was probably one of the Napolean Hill books, I recommend people read it was written in the 30’s and it’s really positive and explains a lot of things that happen in the universe. That’s the real deal people like Tony Robbins have read of his books.

Hek82: Good stuff! And we’re looking forward to the rest of the year and into 2018, I know I always have enjoyed the Randy Rhoads Remembered shows. Certainly lots of people also appreciate what you’ve contributed to Rock-n-Roll Fantasy camp, I know that Rudy too is a great contributer. And the days at the camp are really fun.

Robert Sarzo: The camp is magical, and the people that are around putting the camp together are really fascinating great talented people, including David Fishof. He is the founder of Rock-n-Roll Fantasy camp. He just wants to bring to them the energy and the dream. Where else can you perform, and meet David, Rob Halford, others involved- it’s amazing! In the last one, I recorded the song for the documentary which will be out next year. I can’t wait to see it.

Hek82: What is it called?

Robert Sarzo: The name … Rock-n-Roll Fantasy camp, and I don’t yet know. I’m it and recorded some of the songs, two of them for the soundtrack and they did a great job on that. They’re all real people not professional studio musicians. So, what you hear are the people going there and having a blast at their first time in a real professional studio to put out a record and be a part of the method. I totally recommend this for people who don’t get to tour and just want to be a part of this fabulous group and experience what this is like at the R-n-R camp.

Hek82: Even I’ve dreamt of this and thought about what it would be like to be a part of the camp, to live the Rockstar dream. Maybe they’ll never get the chance but why not try out the experience and live the dream for a little while.

Robert Sarzo: And you get a chance to mingle and hang out with the favorite rockstars, like sit at the same table. A lot of them become my friends after a long while, or just get hooked and keep coming back. People just love it and think it’s a whole lot of fun. I enjoy doing it too.

Hek82: So, if they are hesitant to join or miss out, people can watch this documentary- so, that’ll be awesome!

Robert Sarzo: There’s a lot of good history in the camp.

Hek82: Don’t forget to Tune In to my wireless radio show, for your on-the-go pocket wireless smart phones and iPads. Hek82 is on live on Fridays on KTSTfm Anaheim and this podcast will be on iTune as well as Tune In! And we’ll be rockin’ out to some hurricane soon, so thanks!

Robert Sarzo: Let me let you know also that on Nov. 3rd I’m going to be performing with 80 Proof VuDu, my three piece band. That is with Stephen McGrath, the actual bass player from Billy Idol for the past 20 years, and drummer Matt Henkel who has played with the Blue Man Group, and he’s played everywhere. We will be at a very intimate rock bar called Godmother’s. I do stuff that I’ve grown up listening to, like Gary Moore- I toured with Gary Moore. Things by Billy Idol, The Beatles, Johnny winter, fun things and adding some Christmas and Holiday music.

Hek82: We certainly will look forward to hearing that rio. 80 Proof Vudu. I’m going to be looking for the Randy Rhoads group too. Always a great thing.

Robert Sarzo: C’mon to the shows, we’re gonna have great energy, and just look on my Facebook page.

Hek82: Thank you, Robert!

Robert Sarzo: My pleasure, Kate.