Scare LA 2017, Photos and Video Review

Take a look at these videos from Scare LA 2017, weekend Aug. 5- 6th just click here: Link to Videos!

Scare LA 2017 was a great showcase of some of the best talents in Horror, in the LA area! It wasn’t just informative, but also a great chance to circulate and meet people while having fun. The fun included seeing and participating in demonstrations by incredible make up and effects artists, interactive VR and AR experiences, or simply walking through Scarywood. The mysterious haunted space was full of scary zombies, and shows like the amazing sliders; who skated in a choreographed show to metal music, Venardos circus a display of acrobatics, aerial feats, tricks, and magic. There was plenty more like Rizzo’s haunted house and ZTag, and I hope nobody missed stopping at the bar which was in the center of it all. The presentations and talks on the main stages were great to listen to and informative. Plenty of the attendees were able to ask questions of the speakers during the course of the weekend, or even win a prize like a trip Universal Studios LA for HHN, Halloween Horror Nights.  The crowd wasn’t too overwhelming, there were lots of people but there was enough space to roam around. My favorite part of the weekend was hearing the Crypt Keeper make announcements all day long. I think I can speak for everybody involved that we all appreciated the entertainment, and all of the hard work that went into the fantastic weekend.