STARSET the band, is the Cinematic Rock phenomenon

STARSET, the band the Cinematic Rock phenomenon!

Dustin Bates is not only the founder, primary songwriter, keyboardist and lead vocalist of the rock band Starset, but he is one lead singer with more talents than Rock music alone. He is brilliant, which is evident in his songwriting and can be heard in his great sounding vocals. He seems to be a genius of Science Fiction, did someone say that it would take a rocket scientist to create Starset? Well, he knows things about outer space that an ordinary person doesn’t. You might not notice unless you are already aware that the band is telling a story, an ongoing epic tale that begins with SETI, which is the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI). Starset tells of the investigation of a possible extraterrestrial signal from deep space.

The amazing Dustin, not only created the music and legacy of the band Starset- but he made it tremendously popular. It became so widely liked that as of November 2016, their single “My Demons” had accumulated over 280 million YouTube views. Their song “Monster” had peaked at #2 on the Billboard US Mainstream Rock Songs chart in May of 2017. They have released two CD albums so far, Transmissions (2014), and the latest CD is called Vessels (2017). There is no holding down their popularity as they continue their current tour, so don’t miss it!

Better yet, there is a full length Graphic Novel- in case you aren’t aware that a Comic Book exists; you will get the best Starset experience and it is a “must read”, so you will have tons of fun at the concerts. This very colorful and creative Marvel Comic story goes along with the music. The images are of excellent taste, full-color and tantalizing to the reader’s taste for an adventure. There are several artists who have made the pictures, depicting visual story which is very cool, as all of the action propels the story steadily forward. A genuinely enjoyable read, when you are through you will have a lasting love for Starset and want the story to continue on and on … perhaps even past the year 2049.

The comic tells of a very important message from space that must be revealed to mankind before the year 2049 by the Starset Society … you must attend concerts to find out more, only you can help save us! There are videos for these songs that are really good. Wow, the fun doesn’t stop! And there are many music videos to watch, so you can find them online to see more illustrative imagery from songs by Starset.

Any person who is cool will want to take the time for their own education, and read more about the things that Dustin Bates wants us to know. Check out their web pages especially this one: and learn more.

In the early hours of New Years Day 2013, a radio astronomer at the Allen Telescope Array in northern California discovered a mysterious signal emanating from a star within the Ophiuchus Constellation.

Contained within the signal was a Message–of human origin–foretelling the details of man’s imminent demise. The Message was brought to The Starset Society, who quickly realized the importance of its immediate publication.

Risking extreme danger, The Starset Society commissioned a group of musicians and scientists to assist them in spreading the knowledge to a broader audience. This group became known simply as STARSET.

Please hold. STARSET will begin the TRANSMISSION of the Message to the public shortly.

ignorance : slavery :: knowledge : power


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