More Fun at Renaissance Faire in Corona, Ca 2017! Photos and Videos

The entertainment is so amazing, that for everyone who attends Renaissance Faire, I suggest more than one day if you want to see and hear everything and experience absolutely all of the fun there. Tons of activities and shows all day long with great music, parades of awesome period costumes including knights in shining armor and the Danse Macabre parade, Totendanse which is totally awesome! Mo’s Music Fullerton also puts on a group drum circle at the end of the day, a great send off. The shoppes are fantastic displays of artisan goods, weaponry, and wearables all to look at or even buy. There are all kinds of fantastic shows, magic, juggling, music and dance, including storytelling and comedy skits galore. This is for anyone who appreciates the days of old times and wants to pretend they’re a part of it all.

Watch videos here! The Joust

Watch this now! Danse Macabre w/ musicians on parade …