Dio Disciples, rock on!

Harley- Davidson Glendale, Ca put on a real fun afternoon concert event on Sat. March 5th, 2016 for the Stand Up and Shout RJD cancer fund. Raffle tickets sold and a beautiful Harley motorcycle, painted with a Dio theme and Murray picture was given away to the lucky winner.IMG_2161

Dio Disciples rocked the stage supported by such acts as the Loveless, Budderside, and the rising stars Gabbie Rae and Sam Koltun their band. Fantastic new songs and a special opportunity to meet these artists and more. The tribute to Ronnie James Dio was great as always and we can look forward to seeing more of these acts soon.

Don’t miss out if you haven’t seen the Dio Disciples perform, the RJD community was present with the chance to meet Wendy Dio herself. She is as always a wonderful hostess, and very supportive of the cancer treatment fund as well as the musicians. The members of the RJD Disciples band present were Craig Goldy, Vinnie Appice, Oni Logan, Bjorn Englen, and Joe Retta.

Not too long after the loss of the great Jimmy Bain, co-writer of songs such as “The Last in Line”. Vinny Appice took his place at the kit and hit every mark as always with enthusiasm. Craig Goldy shredded the metal together in tune to our favorite classic Dio songs, as always they rock on! Singers Oni Logan and Joe Retta, phenomenal like every time.

The players of the band, inc. Bjorn Englen on bass; have projects of their own which are bands that everyone should appreciate. Vinny Appice of course, was a founding member of the “Last in Line” band along with Vivian Campbell, members of the original Dio band, and Andrew Freeman too- but it seems unfortunately they’ve taken a hiatus in the absence of Bain. Again, a sorry loss but maybe we’ll still get the chance to hear this music or see another project form. Craig Goldy has formed a group called “Resurrection Kings” with Vinny Appice, Bassist Sean McNabb and singer Chas West; which is beyond a doubt going to be incredible. Both groups have recently released an album which is available for purchase on iTunes, now that’s something to look forward to hearing!

Support the cancer fund by viewing the website at: www.diocancerfund.org

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IMG_2131Dio Disciples


IMG_2110     IMG_2099Gabbie Rae, Sam Kulton