Randy Rhoads Remembered 2017, Santa Ana

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Eddie Trunk the amazing host from Sirius XM radio was gracious in his presentation of the music. It was awesome he was there with us in Santa Ana, Ca.

Members of the incredible band Stryper, Michael Sweet, Robert Sweet, Oz Fox, joined and it was a lucky night for Hek82. They played the music created by Randy Rhoads together on the song Over the Mountain and it was awesome.

The brother and sister of Randy Rhoads also appeared on the red carpet to share the warm welcome given by Hek82. Wonderful performance as always by Kelle Rhoads on both keys and vocals.

Doug Aldrich, super- stellar guitarist well-known from hard rock bands such as the Dead Daisies and formerly Whitesnake, led the absolutely flawless nights performances and it was very enjoyable.

Mike Orlando is the coolest shredder in town on the night of the RRR concert. What a great addition to the line up. Good news, he’s been working on new records and tours for both Sonic Stomp and Adrenaline Mob. Mike also performed at the NAMM convention.

Rudy Sarzo and Phil Soussan, two of the most exceptional bass players anywhere to be found showed up there too. Best loved players who perform songs that means the most to us because they were either performed w/ Randy or written by them, Ozzy together with Randy.

Ira Black a most formidable shredder and an incredible spectacle to behold, has loved Randy since he was young. Especially likes to perform the song “I Don’t Know”, what a cool addition to the band. His band  Westfield Massacre will be playing in Ca. next month in Feb. with a successful campaign now completed that will launch a record and more shows. Black has also teamed up with David Vincent best known as the past vocalist of the band Morbid Angel for an exciting new group called I Am Morbid inc. former Morbid Angel drummer Tim Yeung, Bill Hudson, and himself  with shows already planned in S. America for March. Their material will include Morbid originals.

Brian Tichy the outstanding drummer currently of the Dead Daisies has put together BASH Fest for everyone to enjoy. Three nights of unbelievable music, these shows are dynamite and so don’t’ miss out! The tribute concerts to RUSH, Randy Rhoads, and John Bonham’s birthday Bonzo Bash are so cool that you’ll miss the music all year long. The talented drummer is very experienced and it’s astounding to hear. His words to young players who are gonna make it too; “When you go to school think about how when you get home you’ll put on moving pictures and play along… The next day you decide you’ll play your favorite “Diary of a Madman”, and the following day you choose Led Zeppelin…”. It was always like that for Brian with a great love of the music and songs. It takes a whole lot of training to become an advanced player. His experience extended into college and after that a series of many world famous bands like Whitesnake, Foreigner, even Ozzy, Geoff Tate’s Operation Mindcrime, and then he put together Bonzo Bash and plays with the Randy Rhoads band as well as a tribute to RUSH called HURRY. It’s so awesome.

Everyone worthy of mention who somehow contributed to the event, thanks. There was Deen Castronovo the drummer of Journey who played several songs at RRR, and it was impressive and fun to watch.

Chas West has the golden voice to please so many people in one weekend that you wouldn’t believe it and leave us wanting more! The much desired Bonzo Bash vocalist certainly known for Bonham, is always delightful with the Randy Rhoads band. His newest project a Frontier records solo deal with drummers like Tichy and Dave Chili De Moreno. Stay tuned, maybe we’ll hear more about his band Reserection Kings soon too.

Dewey Bragg is a great vocalist and never disappoints with his renditions of the Randy Rhoads Ozzy classics, the songs are so timeless that not many people don’t know them already. Best known for Kill Devil Hill and Moth, he’s got a lot to brag about.