Portfolio of KS

All paint, scene, and textures by myself KSchank

Some models are by various artists …

Where indicated that they are original KS in MAYA 3D.

Paint and textures scenes by me, KS.

Below MPTV promo Ad original models, scenes and video by me, KS

MPTV HEK8 from Kate Toohey on

Below textures and paint by KS model unknown artist


Original 2D character designs by KS in Toon Boom Animation

Above Toon Boom character by KS


Substance Painter effects by KS models by different artists

Substance Painter original paint and textures by Kate models by different artists

Textures in Substance paint by Kate models by different artists.


Link to Reel from prior to 2015…click now!

Works by Kate below include character modeling , scenes, textures original works in Autodesk 3D and Maya also Toon Boom.

Modeling and colors by Kate S

Click here for Bumblefoot Adventure nr1. Original 3D Maya cartoon by myself KS w a song by the guitarist Bumblefoot.

Original 3D MAYA student demo by me

Kate Schank 2012-2014